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Marcus Collier

yep, I looked into it and decided nope. Just had the issue that rebooting the solr container lost the core, as it’s in a weird path. Just managed to work out the magical <str name="coreRootDirectory">/var/www/html/.solr/indexes</str> config which appears to be working. Just testing it now.


For WebDav, if you look at the project on GitHub, there's a CWP compatibility project. Which will probably end up being a separate module, that adds WebDav store and other current FTS mis-matches to reduce the overhead of migrating


So, a separate webserver needs to be set up to handle this, on the Solr machine, if it's remote


As Solr requires the configuration files to be in place before a core can get loaded


Basically, the post method, is to post to a webserver (not Solr) to create the configuration.


I don't have framework tests installed here 😐


@wmk tks for the tips; i'm on branch 4, looks the same and current as the repo. Some tests that are failing (e.g. #8) doesn't entail an unique string though. Could u verify the output of .\vendor\bin\phpunit .\vendor\silverstripe\framework\tests\php\View\RequirementsTest.php on your setup just for my reference? branch 4, thanks!

Marcus Collier

question though on the configuration - how does the ‘post’ method work? my take is it sends the config to solr, but does it require anything special (CWP, used webdav) so little confused on how it’s meant to work.