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Hi! I'm using custom routes that works fine in my ss4 application. But when I try to set the controller for

  1. '': 'HomeController'
that doesn't work. It just opens the page set as the home page in the cms. I've followed this; https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/developer_guides/controllers/routing/ ->
  1. ---
  2. Name: approutes
  3. After:
  4. - '#rootroutes'
  5. - '#coreroutes'
  6. ---
  7. SilverStripe\Control\Director:
  8. rules:
  9. 'teams//$Action/$ID/$Name': 'TeamController'
  10. 'player/': 'PlayerController'
  11. '': 'HomeController'
Can someone help me?

Kong Jin Jie

Is silverstripe-fluent the right module to use for SS4 site translate? I think there is silverstripe/translatable but it seem to be for ss3 only


Fluent is the way to go for anything actually. Translatable is... ehm... not as good. I would say go Fluent whichever version (except 2.x, but if you have 2.x you have bigger problems 😄 )


Another option would be to switch GD to Imagick and see if that resolves the resampling momory issue


After it's resampled, the memory usage should drop to normal again


SilverStripe itself is fine with 128Mb, it's the image handling that's not factored in. You could use _config.php to check if the current user is logged in and is admin, and up the memory limit for that one case