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No it does not. Write gets called. It just does not write.


Thanks for the help, I have now managed to get the dynamic/silverstripe-flexslider working on my clients test site


I installed with composer so I hope its the latest and I have also done a dev/build/?flush=all


template is there https://github.com/dynamic/silverstripe-flexslider/tree/4.0/templates/Includes so perhaps checking verison, etc. and that you flushed via the browser could be important.

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SilverStripe FlexSlider. Contribute to dynamic/silverstripe-flexslider development by creating an account on GitHub.

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I’ve done it the same way on my clients testing site I’ve upgraded to, but instead I get the warning message when I include the <% include FlexSlider %> and nothing in the source code


Ah right, sorry. Didn’t see your screenshot.