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hmmm i tried setting the permissions to rwx for the folder but it keeps reseting back to readonly


Hi there i cloned from an existing repo from one of my projects but I can't seem to get my local environment running.

Using Windows 10 pro, WAMP, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7.2

  1. The requested URL /public/index.php was not found on this server.

This may be sufficient perhaps

  1. $sql = implode(
  2. ' ',
  3. [
  4. 'SELECT DISTINCT SiteTree_Live.ID, SiteTree_Live.Title,',
  5. "MATCH ({$sitetreetables}) AGAINST (?) AS Relevance",
  6. 'FROM SiteTree_Live',
  7. "LEFT JOIN SiteTree_Localised AS {$sitetree_table_localised}",
  8. "ON SiteTree_Live.ID = {$sitetree_table_localised}.RecordID AND {$sitetree_table_localised}.Locale = ? AND (({$sitetree_table_localised}.ID IS NOT NULL))",
  9. "WHERE (MATCH ({$sitetreetables}) AGAINST (? IN BOOLEAN MODE) + MATCH ({$sitetreetables}) AGAINST (? IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND SiteTree_Live.ShowInSearch <> 0)",
  10. 'ORDER BY Relevance DESC',
  11. 'LIMIT 20'
  12. ]
  13. );
  14. $params = [
  15. $keywords_strrpl,
  16. $current_locale,
  17. $keywords,
  18. $htmlEntityKeywords
  19. ];
  20. $custom_results = DB::prepared_query($sql, $params);

That's a decent idea too. I looked at SQLQuery though wasn't sure about Distinct and Match