Hi and welcome to the webinterface for the SilverStripe Users slack channel archive. Because Slack doesn't give us the full history on a free workspace, this is where the full history is searchable.

You can browse or search the archive via the Archive page. The channels list on the right show the channels available. You can search via the form on the top left, or if you are on a mobile device, opening the menu, as well as on the form on the archive pache.

Greyed out channels are archived channels in Slack itself. You can still read the messages in there of course, but accessing it or posting new messages has been limited on Slack itself.

If you choose to do so, you can log in with Slack. This gives you the option to favourite messages, so you can easily find them again in your account here on the archive.


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Anyone seen this before? manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []


Does anyone know why Solr would stop returning all fields, despite docs saying it should?

  1. "params":{
  2. "q":"help",
  3. "fl":"*",
  4. "_":"1553237667007"}},
  5. "response":{"numFound":3664,"start":0,"docs":[
  6. {
  7. "_documentid":"3758-Firesphere\\StripeSlack\\Models\\Message-[]",
  8. "ID":3758,
  9. "ClassName":"Firesphere\\StripeSlack\\Models\\Message",
  10. "ClassHierarchy":["Firesphere\\StripeSlack\\Models\\Message"],
  11. "_version_":1627615026553552896},
  12. {

There are a lot more fields in the docs 😞


Charlie the Unicorn. For reference

Files: Requires logging in with Slack to view/download

@mmativ should be possible to render custom html, so try with html markup


Are there any special things to consider if I need to move certain DataObjects with assets to another SilverStripe instance? How would I approach something like that? I have an existing project with a few DataObjects (including files and images) that need to be moved to another SilverStripe instance. It's only about 20% of the assets of that project, so I need to move these specific ones, including database records (which would need new IDs, I guess)


Hi, there’s any way to display svg image into summary fields?


For some reason floats around an office, rather than a pool.


[2019-03-22 08:17:04] manifestcache-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["__CACHE__"],"exception":null} []