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i guess whatever generates the preview on upload isn't being called when the files are migrated


kind of sounds like it migrates the files but not the File s


Also, when the preview is grey, I cannot attach the file to any other objects via an upload field. I attach the file, but when I save, the attachment is lost


also, I have to manually publish each file, if I try the batch publish action, nothing happens (the modified blip disappears, but the preview doesn't change, event after the page is refreshed)


The files migrate fine, but in asset admin they all have grey previews until I manually publish them


I am using https://github.com/dynamic/silverstripe-file-migration-task to import a load of files from a site we are migrating to SS

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A Build Task allowing for file migration from a local directory (recursively) to the SilverStripe Asset system

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