Webinterface for the SilverStripe Users slack channel archive. Because Slack doesn't give us the full history on a free workspace.

You can browse or search the archive via the Archive page. The channels list on the right show the channels available. You can search via the form on the top left, or if you are on a mobile device, opening the menu.

Greyed out channels are archived channels in Slack itself. You can still read the messages in there of course, but accessing it or posting new messages has been limited on Slack itself.

On the archive page, you can search for keywords and limit your results to a certain channel or user if you need to.


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point: you don't need react. >it also makes you use React i.e. This statement is untrue :)

@MichalKleiner not really - everything is out of the box except customisation (and GridField). But customisation is never out of the box - by the very definition of the word :P

Has there been any thought of restricting blocks per elemental area?

There’s a patch fixing it that’s an open PR