This site is the web facing frontend to a custom Slack bot integration, to index and make searchable, all messages sent on the SilverStripe Users Slack workspace.

You can search and look through the messages, to find answers to questions you may have that are not on the forums or old forums.


How soon until my message appears in the list of messages?

Almost instant, give or take a minute. The bot isn't always that fast.

How soon until my message appears in search?

That'll take about half an hour to an hour, depending on how busy the search engine is.

Are you violating GDPR?

No. By joining, you agreed to the terms of service of both Slack and SilverStripe. We are not accountable for anything you say or do in any public channel.

Private channels are not indexed however, so anything you say in private, stays between you and Slack.

But I want my messages removed because I said something not entirely intelligent!

Sure thing! Fling a DM or ask one of our admins to fix this for you.

I deleted my message, why is it still showing?

The bot does not discriminate. Therefore, deletions of messages are not propagated in to this archive. Edits are shown as edited though. If you really want your message removed, empty it instead of deleting it.

This is caused by the nature of the Slack API originally, and believed to be a better way of recording.

Is this site owned by SilverStripe?

No. The archive, and the bot that runs in the background, are not owned by SilverStripe. The Slack channel, as well as the community forums, are entirely driven by the community and for the community. 

Are you indexing files and/or links?

No. Files and links are not indexed or searchable.

The link from Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing said something different than what I ended up with. What gives?

The archive has been moved to a new and improved server, which included a new search index on the archive's side. This caused the original index in big search engines to mismatch the actual index here. You can still search again for the same term to find the message you are looking for.

What technologies do you use?

SilverStripe 4 (latest), CSP Headers, Solr, Python2, Chart.js and a little bit of custom code to make it all work. You can ask Firesphere for access to the code. It's public on BitBucket.

I logged in, why can I not download the file?

Files are synchronized on a daily basis and are not indexed in the search engine. Wait a day or two and you should be able to download if you are logged in.

Why is the file a txt file?

We don't want unexpected file execution, thus all files that are considered harmful, are converted to txt files.

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