Put the site in dev mode with the GET parameter isDev=1

Trying to save a page on a live site and suddenly getting the error "Not Found" appearing. Whats the best way to trouble shoot this? Debug is on but not showing anything else..

I think it should be a reasonable guide unless you've subclassed Image or File

I wrote this and I'm not 100% on its accuracy either 🙂 https://github.com/robingram/silverstripe-unused-file-report (edited)

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I think there might be a report. But not 100% on it's accuracy if there is.

client has just realised that their content manager has used the 'files' section as a dumping ground for over 5gb of images and now they want to clear it but have no way of knowing where anything has been used

@firesphere both ideally, but just the wysiwygs if that's easy