toggle could remove the first paragraph and replace it with the 'whole' text, so you never need text minus first paragraph?

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You could add a method to DBText that does the opposite to FirstParagraph and then use it generically throughout your templates

design shows by default only the first paragraph, and has a link to read more

yeah, I was trying to see if I could simplify this but it wouldn’t be safe to do with an Editor field 😕

But you could use the various methods to get a DOM tree then process the first sentence in some way... or maybe a short code... or just strip it out entirely ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (edited)

Anyone know if there’s something opposite to what FirstParagraph does? as in give me everything except the first paragraph?

@Haakon make sure to sanitize the json data you're putting there, I think it was Convert::raw2attr() - might be slightly off

I think I found it out. I json encoded the data in the backend, and replaced data-professions="$professions" with data-professions='$professions'