it’s coming up as instead of

anyone know what would be the easiest way to render an action that’s on the Home controller, without having to use /home/ as part of the url? i think this will ship with CWP 2.2 (edited)

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should be resolved in the latest recipe, or if not then the one being released in december

well, issues no, but yeah there was a recipe using deprecated methods

Have any fellow CWP devs had any issues with cwp-recipe-search calling deprecated functions? I.e. CwpSearchEngine calling SearchQuery->search() instead of SearchQuery->addSearchTerm() etc.

anyone ever run into issues with validate() in a model... I have a NumericField and enter a value greater than one... my validate checks $this->MyField < 1 and displays a validation error message in the cms if that is true... but regardless of what integer I put in the field it fails the validation check