Hi guys. I have a issue with updating my "URL Segment" in /admin/pages/edit/show section. When I click on Edit button, Url Segment value will not change. Does anyone know how this could be resolved? thank you

Local storage state is pretty close to a session state or cookie, but a lot more persistent

I'd really love some kind of localstorage state that's used consistently in the CMS.

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At the moment we store a lot of this in session, although we have been moving them more to querystring args (e.g. stage no longer in session)

I prefer the state bag approach and pass to / from endpoints

It's useful if you enforce a consistent versioned model across your site, but that doesn't always make sense in every project. Some projects have even more states (e.g. locale, subsite)

As consumers of GraphQL in SS, what do we think of this? I kind of like the idea of separate endpoints for each stage, and a read-only API has some really nice benefits in terms of security and caching.

Been looking at bit at Contentful (https://www.contentful.com/), a headless, multi-channel content management solution. Their approach is to use three separate GraphQL endpoints -- Read, Preview, and Manage. Essentially, ?stage=Live, ?stage=Stage and allowMutations: true (edited)

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