Do you have some "nofollow, noindex" in the "add to cart" links?

Has anyone made a task that deletes all test orders. Maybe it should deletes records of Order, OrderAttribute + subclasses. And resets the Primary key to 1?

that tasks also misses a unique urlsegment, it clashes with e.g. userforms MigrationTask

@bummzack is for updating to SS4? (edited)


Use injector to replace the extension class with your extension or override the lang file?

@wilr its an extension to ShopSideReport_NoImageProducts that already exists - I needed to change the title and description shown in the ReportsAdmin

We could possibly do it remotely, we’re based in Wellington. If it would work for you, I could organise someone to get in touch with you (as I’m a dev, not a manager). DM me with details if you like 😉