we had some fun times, but luckily we didn’t have to go via the procurement process

I can’t quite remember though - and I only used a test account - Edmund Hillary 😂

I don’t think you need the detail before RealMe gives it… You just give them a button that says “login with realme”. They do their SAML stuff and you get the detail you want back

For example, I need to register as an FSP at a cost of $1000 annually before they'll even let me implement it. Fun times 😄

Not too concerned about it. Was more bothered by the cost of things that have nothing to do with the implementation or DIA

With the assertion, just double-checking but I think I need to provide the information first, and RealMe says "yep, that's right" or "nah, you're mistaken"

The login service just says “yep - they’re a realme person”