I'm not sure if its suitable, but if the site is in dev mode you don't need to log in to run dev tasks, maybe you can enable dev mode for the build step?

On the platform site, navigating to dev build redirects to the login page- coudl this be the cause? Any idea how I can fix this?

I am trying to deploy vanilla silverstripe 4.1 as is from a private repo.

Hi - when trying to deploy to a platform instance via a github repo I get "dev/build" failure and the deployment fails.

Hi @brett.tasker, I still see the "Another fetch is in progress, please wait a moment and try again" when I try to fetch from the repo, this hasn't changed since yesterday. Any ideas?

Yep, that looks like a valid key to me. I'm really out of options, and I don't have access to the logs. I hope @brett.tasker can do more for you. He's our Christmas break superman (aka, taking care of ops while the office is closed) :superman:

Azure have recently released new SSH URL's for repos that may be affecting git clone.


Try replacing the port "v3" with "22" (SSH port 22) to see if that makes any difference 🙂 (edited)

GIT SSH Clone Urls in VSTS are incorrect - Developer Community

This seems to have changed something - I tried the suggested versions of the URL in the discussion which didn't initially help. I copied the HTTPS url and swapped out https for ssh and _git for _ssh which has resulted in this message now

Files: Requires logging in to the Slack workspace to view/download
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Unfortunately private repos will not work over HTTPS as it requires a username / password and there is no interface for typing these in.

So connection must be over SSH.

"Fetch already in progress" usually indicates there is a fetch of code already happening in the backend.

Yeah the connection is over SSH - I only used the format of the https url but swapped out the protocol etc as the URL patterns in the discussions didnt work for me

This could potentially be working now. May need a few minutes to clone the entire repo before branches / tags are available for deploy.

Cool, I will check again in some time and report back