Module of the Month: Have I Been Pwned?

Have you been Pwned? This month's Module of the Month is at the request of our marketing team, about HaveIBeenPwned

I tried setting up SilverWare a few weeks ago and had a hard time. It seemed quite different from other SS recipes. Is there a good guide or tutorial for setting it up?

Hi @null, it's a fairly big project to jump in to but that's a good reminder for me to write some improved documentation 😉

No worries! I found your composer create-project command that should make a difference. I use CWP watea as my "go to" theme and was hoping to have a look at what SilverWare does out of the box. I might try again this weekend 🙂

Yeah definitely use the silverware/app to get started, it makes matters easier. Composer will ask some questions to help set up the install. Also, you mention "watea"... I'd like to explore some options in the future to allow a "SilverWare lite" which would permit components to be easily added to a more standard theme/templates. As it stands right now, it's either an all or nothing affair (i.e. SilverWare needs it's own theme to render the site)

You can clone that theme (which uses BS4) and modify, but it would be handy to allow more flexibility in theming I reckon

Sounds good, the main reason for looking is a BS4 based theme that I can build off of. CWP Watea and the starter theme are good choices, but they're BS3 based

I have another repo here actually you may be interested in, it's a regular SS theme (nothing to do with SilverWare) which forms a starting point for a BS4 theme:


Comes with webpack config + HMR for on-the-fly Sass recompiling and such

Hi all. September's Module of the Month is SilverWare, a component framework for SilverStripe 4 which allows you to build entire page templates and layouts from components that are configurable, extensible, and reusable.

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