Sorry for my own conversation but fixed, upstream issue. As you were. (edited)


Redux devtools tells me state clears on blur. Interesting…

Related to that q is the PR: Redux state for that field is just [] when selecting options so I figure the onChange prop isn’t saving something it should (edited)


I can have a look over this tomorrow unless @robbieaverill beats me to it overnight. In the meantime there’s a bunch of CI failures. The last build on travis does JS tests + linting. The PHP ones seem to be failing due to changing the way options are structured?

Yeah couldn’t get the npm tests to run or sapphire tests running locally, some class undefined. Will fix it up tonight

with a custom React form field, on save I see the state value isn’t changing. Anything in particular I need to setup so that handleChange for state events is set in Redux?

now i just have to fix the rest of the stuff i broke