Attempted SQL injection in to Solr... Suuuuure org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Cannot parse '+test +AND +1=1': Encountered " <AND> "AND "" at line 1,&amp;#8203; column 7.

as we say with roads “line is not a wall”… docs is not a stopper 😄

I'm using .env because I can't set per-site envvars in Apache

if it's on Apache add them to envvars instead?

Is .env used in live mode? The SS docs say not to use .env in production

Should be fixed now... No clue why it was in dev mode though, because .env clearly states live

also, the archive seems to be in dev mode, we shouldn't see errors like that 😅

In other words, Slack lives up to their statement: "The slack API is not a real REST API" as per the docs