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@Jen Geard I’m not certain but no functionality that I have seen (perhaps in a module addon). I think the easiest for your example (people using the form) would be custom built by a developer. There are conditional fields which can show if x field is populated, but as far as I know there isn’t the functionality for actions to add additional fields. Sounds like reasonable functionality to have though.

Jen Geard

Related, and possibly simpler: is there a way to apply Display rules to an entire Field group? Or even to hide the Field group 'container' until the fields inside it are displayed?

Jen Geard

I'm guessing that the user-defined forms module doesn't have a way to manage the relationships between tables that this would require in the back-end(???), so it's not an option. But other form-creator tools do manage this, so I'm hopeful that SilverStripe's worked it out as well. 🙂

Jen Geard

Having searched for documentation, this is probably a long shot: when using user defined forms in SS4, is there a way to create repeating fields or groups? Think "Add another company's details to the list of companies I hold" or "Add a row for the details of another person who lives at this address".