though, duplicate is slightly less problematic now that the owns stuff exists. There was always the question of how deep the copy goes, and what gets copied vs linked to an existing version


Duplicate can get really complex quite quickly. Virtual elements were developed for cases where you want the exact same block, but there is no duplicate that I’m aware of. There was the idea of elemental skeletons, where you could set up a page template with base elements

Jen Geard

Is there a way to duplicate content blocks? I'm planning the markup for an annual report which will have sequences of elements with similar layout. Even within the same page, there doesn't appear to be a "Duplicate" option for content blocks. Randomly Googling, I found a github request that's what I want: - is that an indication that this still needs to be developed?

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your devs can give you a tinymce button with a dropdown of languages which can be applied to a selection within the editor, similar to shortcodes..