The good news is that I should be able to identify most of the blocks in the database and reverse engineer all the Elemental Area ID assignments. I could do with understanding the root cause though.... this is not a fun thing to be doing manually in the DB!


So, it seems the question is: What operation causes a new Elemental area to be created / the Elemental area assigned to a Page to change? And subsequently, when it happens, what is causing the associated Elements to not change to the new Elemental Area?

Files: Requires logging in with Slack to view/download

The issue seems to be that the pages have lost their associations with their Elemental areas. The elements themselves are still assigned to an Elemental Area, but the page has become attached to a different Elemental Area than it used to be


if you create a new block in an old page, do that work? please note that by creating a new block for an old page, you may not be able to recover that page's content.