Overriding Injector is a suitable solution for services as a general rule of thumb. You should be able to create a DataExtension and apply it to BaseElement though?


Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of inspiration. I need to add a simple checkbox to BaseElement such that it and all elements which extend it have the new field. I've tried using Injector to replace it with a custom class, but I don't think it's supported. Anyone have any bright ideas?


Plus it as the option to data- properties to enable some of their JS functions


Hey all - is there a package I can install for getting a grid system?


Ended up extending ElementEditor to work around it for the moment.


Multiple area per page are a relatively new feature, so everything so far has been page centric, it’s a really good call though. If there’s not a hook to do it, then that should be added.

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