Yeah I’ve always thought that - plenty of exchanges offer USDT but have no way to withdraw USD, so it all has to be converted back to BTC/LTC/ETH or whatever to be moved/withdrawn anyway

Really speaks volumes about how exchanges treat tethers - are they holding actual fiat in reserve, or promising to exchange for the equivalent amount of BTC

I don’t have any tethers myself, but I think the issue is the “tether” part of NZD. The bank doesn’t like it, but afaik it’s the only place to cash out NZDt for fiat. Perhaps another exchange will swap it for USDt or similar

I’ve got an email.. not planning on withdrawing or depositing anything in near future, so I’ll happily wait until they find another way

Reading more closely, they’re disabling funds to NZD tethers, rather than NZD specifically. I think. I’m a customer but I didn’t get an email 😞

Cryptopia is getting de-risked by their bank:

ASB cutting Cryptopia off on the 9th of Feb r/NZBitcoin

Just had the first enquiry from a potential customer whose Wordpress site has been hacked to load the coinhive Monero miner