does anyone know if/how SS_BASE_URL is configured in CWP environments?


any idea how I would reliably find the base URL from something like a queued job in that case? do I just need to implement my own solution to handle that?


or alternatively can we request SS_BASE_URL is set on a case by case basis?


Probably worth chucking in a helpdesk ticket as it's been a while and I'm not sure what the preferred solution is nowadays, but they can add custom environment variables if required 👍


Hi everyone, CWP 2.3 has been released! It's a release full of great stuff. Check out the release announcement to see what's included:

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CWP 2.3 has landed! Improved file URLs, upgraded themes, and more | Common Web Platform

The latest minor release for the Common Web Platform has arrived! CWP 2.3 introduces major upgrades to the CWP themes, plus the recent SilverStripe 4.4.0 release which includes a number of new features for Content Managers and improvements to the Developer experience aimed at delivering higher-performing websites.

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If there isn't I can raise one 🙂

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or where you want to get at the actual db value use ->dbObject('Author')

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... CWP News Page has one of these as a $db field:

  1. private static $db = [
  2. 'Author' => 'Varchar(255)',
  3. ];

But it's a Page type, which is Versioned.... which has a public function Author() method

The result is that Author is not shown at all... how would you go about resolving this?

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