just in case you experience this, workaround found for this was

  1. SilverStripe\VersionFeed\VersionFeed:
  2. changes_enabled: false
  3. allchanges_enabled: false

Dang, I also had PHP bumped up (but 7.2) just a few days before deploying the CSP updates. 🧐


Oh, looks like I'm not alone. https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-versionfeed/issues/59

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Navigating to a version feed '/changes' or '/allchanges' on CWP UAT or Prod puts the following error into graylog

error-log.WARNING: Failed to save values {"keys":["changes_13961_26_c12c38119b7c52b015a4d42f87d6fff7"],"exception":"[object] (BadMethodCallException(code: 0): Cannot serialize Symfony\Component\Cache\Simple\FilesystemCache at /sites/mycwpstack/releases/20191007002731/vendor/symfony/cache/Traits/FilesystemCommonTrait.php:121)"} []

In still renders xml to the end user

Similar story with the 'allchanges' endpoint

I cannot replicate on local, even when forcing it to use FilesystemCache

The particular codebase I'm on DOES have custom templates for the changes + allchanges, though I don't think there's anything in there contributing to this error

Seems like the error is starting in from VersionFeedController.php $this->filterContent($key ...

Not sure if this is related, though someone else mentioned to me that In SS4 you basically can’t serialize() any DataObject by default

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How vary curtious of it to include a contact email in its UA header, to which "sod off" emails can be sent.

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yeah looks to be automated

  1. IP -
  2. UserAgent - Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Monsidobot/2.2; +http://monsido.com/bot.html>; <mailto:[email protected])

In that case Raygun should be able to report to you wether it was the CLI or Apache/FCGI SAPI - indicating human/automated processes