Matt Boddy

Hi all, just being optimistic here wondering if anyone has ideas around an older SilverShop SS3 setup.

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Matt Boddy

Hi all, not sure if this is more of an SS3 or eCommerce question, but the gist is. I’ve inherited an old SS3/SilverShop site, which is functioning nicely, the client has recently started using variations, which is also functioning nicely.

But I’ve noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a way of filtering out invalid variations from the add-to-cart form. I’d love to have it, so only the legitimate variation combinations are available to choose from, and also to have the price display adjusted accordingly before the user adds the item to their cart.

I’d imagine updating the form select boxes and price via ajax would be the only sensible way to tackle this. Has anyone implemented something like this before. Would save me a bit of a headache :relaxed:

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Hi all, we (@greg_808 and me) had a hard time getting WireCard working with omnipay. The issue is, that the wirecard omnipay module checks the transactionID, otherwise the payment has an error. When redirecting over to the payment site, the transactionID is set from Order->Reference, which is the OrderID in this case. When getting back from the payment provider, the transactionID is somehow Payment->Identifier. We had to inject the identifyer in a hook to get it working. Now I wonder if OrderProcessor should generate the TransactionID on a new payment. PaymentProcessor will fall back to the identifier if it's not set.


does anyone use silvershop and it seems i can’t get this to work properly. it always redirects me to checkout/summary

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Wirecard payment gateway driver for the Omnipay. Contribute to academe/Omnipay-Wirecard development by creating an account on GitHub.

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@Anish Joshi, there was some dialog a while back in here about what's required if that helps?

Anish Joshi

Are there any developers here that would be willing to implementing the new SCA regulations on our stripe payment module for silvershop? Would be paid work