Anyone done any csv imports that contain variations recently? The variations seem to get all messed up and there's always one extra variation and also the main product is actually retrieving values the last variation. I thought it might of been my CSV file but I'm getting the same behaviour with the example csv at vendor/silvershop/core/tests/php/Admin/test_products.csv.

Done some debugging tonight, it appears the importer makes a Product regardless of whether a VariationID is set on the csv record.

@LiamC if you want / can replicate with an example CSV you don’t mind sharing then create a GH issue, add the attachment and I can take a look

@wilr Thank you shall I share the code and CSV? Rather than send you the whole CSV i can send you a product with variations and my updated code

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missing3.csv (CSV)

I overwrite silvershops importer in my yml

  1. SilverShop\Admin\ProductCatalogAdmin:
  2. model_importers:
  3. SilverShop\Page\Product: NewedgeMedia\Admin\ProductImporter
  4. SilverShop\Model\Variation\Variation: NewedgeMedia\Admin\VariationImporter
  5. managed_models:
  6. - SilverShop\Model\Variation\Variation
  7. - NewedgeMedia\app\Filter

Files: Requires logging in to the Slack workspace to view/download
ProductImporter.php (PHP)

The csv shows an example with a space but if you use / or - this doesnt work either

well, you could grep your Project for "InternalItemID", might be some extension cleans it? Otherwise xdebug is your friend 😐

I have overwrited the silversshop importer in the yml to use my own. I have still used their code but just added to it for example RRP. Not managed to debug because I cant seem to find the problem. It comes from the excel sheet as 12345/6 and I push it into the field as that variable so I cant see why it fails unless its the process variation function

Cant seem to think of a fix for this. The field type for a internalItemID is varchar(30) and you can manually put the codes I am trying so this means its the importer 😕