Hi guys, I am having a problem with the SilverShop importer if a SKU code has a a space or a "-" or a "/". It imports the product and doesnt import the variants. Does anyone know how I can fix this? we have a client with hundreds of products that need these characters because of google shopping.

OrderStatusLog is a better place for it as it tracks it over time.

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Might be old or outdated, can’t see it used anymore

Hi guys,

Looking into the default fields of Order class in ss4. And i cant seem to find anywhere in the code where $Order->Dispatched is updated? https://github.com/silvershop/silvershop-core/blob/master/src/Model/Order.php#L91

Anyone know where in the code this is updated?

  1. UPDATE File_Versions fv
  2. RIGHT JOIN SilverShop_Product_Versions pr ON (fv.RecordID = pr.ImageID AND pr.ImageID > 0)
  4. SET LastEdited = Created;

then it's older than the latest product version before the update

I tend to keep it simple and just set files "last edited" to created...

well, just trying to figure that out per SQL... is tricky, when one image is used by more products...