Seems I need to update the file version table...

I'm currently updating a SilverShop to SS4. Due to file versioning and old content OrderItem doesn't show the latest Image, as the Product was published some time ago and the Images got versioned recently during the update to SS4. Anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Hi all, lacks proper casting for negative values. When I do a PR, is it enough to cast "Nice", or do I also need to cast all methods that can return Nice(), like NiceOrEmpty?


@bummzack do you know why in silvershop (ss4) storing a variant's version in the order has been commented out?


it should. I think it is based on InternalItemID

does csvimport also update existing products?

Potentially you could have “Stock Locations” as a separate list and then there’s a Locale has_one StockLocation.