Do you reckon this is the same issue?

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Versions affected:
SS 4.3.3

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit /Security/lostpassword
  2. Enter a valid email address to trigger the email

I'm using Sentry for error reporting and it grabs the following user_error: [error-log] Uncaught Exception Swift_TransportException: "Cannot send message without a sender address" at ... .
The email that gets sent from the LostPasswordHandler::sendMail method does not contain a From: address. This prevents the email from being sent.

As a workaround, you can set the following in your YML config:

  send_all_emails_from: '<mailto:do-n[email protected]|[email protected]>'

Unfortunately, that setting applies to all emails, including those you've configured in your own codebase that may have a different reply-to address. It's not a requirement to set this variable up to run SilverStripe, but it seems nobody can trigger a password reset email until one is set.

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is that a bug in framework? I found a similar issue with password resets a while ago


After a bit of digging, it appears there's a bug which i think we will report once valid.. Emails are also not sent if a Member signs up and does a checkout first time, but works fine on subsequent orders. Which is why it appears to be the same issue with Guest checkout


yeah sorry, lack of sleep. yeah the store admin emails are all configured and work for the members checkout, e.g the store admin gets the order confirmation email and so does the member. Yet a checkout via guest, doesn't fire the order email to either users (guest & admin) however, it does send a 'paid' order status update.


when you say "admin" do you mean the default admin?


hey guys, anyone has issues in-regards to Guest Checkout and the admin not receiving emails? It works fine for Members, but just guest checkout, appears the email is not sent, this is using the stripe payment too, so testing with 'Paid' statuses


Is there a way to configure silvershop-discounts in a way that each customer can only use a coupon code once?