hardest part is finding all the values you need from the Azure tenant. Let me know if you get stuck and I'll point you in the right direction 😄


@Mo I've used BigFork's OAuth Login to integrate with Azure several times. It's really straightforward since there's an oauth provider:

If you've ever set up Facebook or Google signins with that module, Azure is a piece of 🍰

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Azure AD provider for the OAuth 2.0 Client. Contribute to TheNetworg/oauth2-azure development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Has anyone had any luck with getting a search filter for versioned state on a ModelAdmin to work? I know there's a task for it to be added in core at some point, but need to get something working in the meantime


id assume it runs off azure AD (never done it though..)


I did some quick looking into it and it seems possible


Has anyone every integrated login with Office 365 (or whatever MS calls it's hosted email)?


working on projects with languages I don't speak is quite interesting. So many beautiful languages out there!


don’t you think its risky to work on a C# project without understanding the language?


I like dutch the most, you still can guess what it means 😉


i find that most european languages either look or sound like the english equivalent, but never both

lerni that classification my guess is, all from 16° east starts to sounds greek?


greek sounds ok, sometimes, but not being able to even begin to read it makes it so hard

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