When you pass it in like that, your template variables should be loaded in the top-level. You'd expect to see a dump into your template


Try putting $Me.Debug into the template to see if it's getting passed in


The array passed contains not values containing the work 'data' either


@null, I've just changed the variable and template name in this. Nothing contains the word data except for $arrayData


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Affected Version

framework 4.1.0 / PHP7.0


Creatiing a simple DataObject with a single Text field and naming it "Data" will cause problems when Calling $this->obj('Data') in any context. In my case, I am using the restfulserver package which attempts to decompose a DataObject into JSON via JSONDataFormatter which makes use of ViewableData::obj() when casting.

This occurs becuase of the core method DataObject::data() which is "blindly" called by ViewableData::obj() instead of the desired DBField by SilverStripe\Core\CustomMethods::hasMethod().

The problem can be demo'd fairly succinclty below:

Steps to Reproduce

class Page extends SiteTree
    private static $db = [
         'Data' => 'Text''

    public function getCMSFields()
        var_dump($this->obj('Data')); // prints `SiteTree` not `DBText`


The workaround is to declare a method on your datamodel named for the field and call getField('Data') from it, thus inverting otherwise default control.


"Data" is used in a DataObject context as DataObject::data() and is therefore a reserved word. As such, userland logic could receive an Exception on dev/build when attempting to declare a field-name that is reserved. The reserved field-names could be declared as an immutible array in DataObject to permit further fields to be added by core-devs in a flexible manner going forward.

Related PRs|#8731

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^^ there was a framework bug raised recently where you can't use the word "Data" as a field name


This is what's in place to pass data to the template: (edit: changed data to myData. Note variable and template names not actual names used in effected code)

  1. $arrayData = new ArrayData(array(
  2. 'myData' => $myData,
  3. ));
  4. $html = $arrayData->renderWith('template');

It needs to be an ArrayList/ArrayData raw arrays don't work well in templates


Hey team, I'm struggling to get information displaying after passing it via renderWith to a Template file. The variable (a multi-dimensional array) passed to the template is accessible but I can't seem to get anything inside it.


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