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Causes of MySQL error 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active

My server runs CentOS 6.4 with MySQL 5.1.69 installed using yum with CentOS's repos, and PHP 5.4.16 installed using yum with ius's repos. Edit3 Upgraded to MySQL Server version: 5.5.31 Distributed ...

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our friends at LINZ don't distribute as SQL, so that one is out 😛


bash probably won't have access to the .env, and .env may not exist in some environments


Even if not a buildtask, I'm wondering how else I can sideload without depending on the importer


The same query definitely runs outside of a build task, so you might be on to something


I was wondering that myself. Way out of my comfort zone on this one 😛


probably trying not run something while SS is using the DB already