what does everyone here use for windows VMs? is there a nice lightweight solution anywhere that isn’t just full blown win10 with all its shit?


Right thanks. I'll set some time aside to dig into it.

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@mattheww Kia ora, I would suggest that work is applicable to this - more a matter of configuration. >If you want to localise a DataObject that doesn't extend SiteTree then you'll need to add the appropriate extension: (half way down) https://github.com/tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent/blob/master/docs/en/configuration.md

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Multi-language translate module for Silverstripe, without having to manage separate site trees. - tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent

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Kia ora koutou. Does anybody have a tidy example of integrating gorriecoe/silverstripe-menu with Fluent on SilverStripe 4? I had a look at the MenuSetSubsiteExtension that is included, and I'm thinking that is a place to start. But I'd like to avoid work that has already been done....