i might just push it and let travis do the tests, but i prefer not to do that if i can


anyone ever made a PR to silverstripe-assets and managed to run the tests locally? i get an error running the composer install:

  1. Problem 1
  2. - Installation request for silverstripe/assets dev-BUGFIX/gracefully_handle_extensionless_file_migrations -> satisfiable by silverstripe/assets[dev-BUGFIX/gracefully_handle_extensionless_file_migrations].
  3. - silverstripe/recipe-core 4.5.x-dev requires silverstripe/assets 1.5.x-dev -> satisfiable by silverstripe/assets[1.5.x-dev].
  4. - Can only install one of: silverstripe/assets[1.5.x-dev, dev-BUGFIX/gracefully_handle_extensionless_file_migrations].
  5. - Installation request for silverstripe/recipe-core 4.5.x-dev -> satisfiable by silverstripe/recipe-core[4.5.x-dev].
Lorrain Fontaine

Yeah I now know how to and almost never forget to do it, but jesus, when I had to make my first website using SS4, I struggled for a few hours with that 😛. It should be written in caps and red, above anything else haha

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Lorrain Fontaine

yeah that $owns thing is not really well done nor referenced in the documentation ^^


oh yea always forget the $owns 🙈 yep that's the issue... thanks @dorsetdigital 👏

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  1. Document.php
  2. private static $has_one = [
  3. 'File' => File::class,
  4. ];