the Silverstripe GitHub group is a collection of open source modules, as with any other group containing open source licenced code on the internet. This does not imply support, most especially commercial support. This is an increasingly common misconception around open source in general that is beginning to see things crumble at the seams.

The modules Silverstripe has committed to supporting commercially are clearly identified. However commercial support being what it is (paid), if someone wanted to pay Silverstripe to work on a module I'm sure they'd be happy to.

TL;DR - Open source does not mean "slave labour". There is no obligation to support, regardless if the work was produced by a commercial entity or not. If you'd like to ensure support, paying money is the best way to secure that.


Because if it doesn't say that, don't count on it to be actively maintained by the core team!


That is a very optimistic thought. Does it say it's SilverStripe maintained?


Morning Just started looking into GatsbyJS and then found this hype!! 😄 It's published under the SilverStripe github, so probably something that will be maintained and further developed?


Yep, piwik and Matomo are one in the same: it's just a name change. In fact, piwik.php and piwik.js are still in the codebase 🙂

It's definitely open-source and I'm self-hosting an instance of it on my own server.

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Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from webs...

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@null I used to use Piwik for a while and to be honest, it was pretty good. I didn't think Matomo offered an open source version though?


I'm still exploring the full feature set but I'm really happy with it so far!


@Mo it has a GDPR checklist in the Matomo admin panel (not the SS one). It also anonymises data and gives users an "opt-out" to shut off the tracker entirely. I'm not too worried about GDPR legally but the rules I have to follow are important to me personally, and I was really happy about that opt-out 😄