Do you think you could turn it into a "proper" repository, perhaps with a Readme for people like me who are wondering what it's for/does?


Morning everyone, I am working on a new project and the client wanting to add a e-com to their main website as a addition.

After talking to some Dev’s at the last chch SS meetup, it was suggested using something like Shopify and have it linked to the main website. If I went this way which I think makes sense, which be the best option??

Create an online account with Shopify for the store and then on the main website have a Shop link that links to the Shopify store or use the Buy Button option where they can still list their items on their own website and just add the buy button that when someone wish to purchase the item they click on the buy button that then takes them to the shopify checkout??

Also they wish to use FaceBook and Instagram Shop as another means of selling their products too and have it linked to back to their online store for checkout.


OMG YUS I can turn off the stupid formatting wysiwyg! That's new, that's better, chur Slack


I have svg file that is uploaded in the CMS. What is the easier way to show it in template?


ah this: $tinyMCE->addButtonsToLine(2, ['styleselect', 'charmap', 'visualchars', 'blockquote']);