you may need to push and array to the page with the data you need

Jerome Camacho

public function getServicesPage(){

  return ServicesPage::get()->sort('IconOrdering','ASC')->limit($count);


how can i push some attribute with data on ServicesPage object , i mean i want to customise the data before i <% loop %> it on the template?


the html would be in the template still

it’s hard for me to provide a good example without any context, but if you’re trying to check a few things to decide whether or not to render something in the template, I find that moving those checks to the controller keeps the template cleaner

so you might have a controller function like:

  1. public function ShowSection() {
  2. if ($this && $that) {
  3. return true;
  4. }
  6. return false;
  7. }

then in the template you might have:

  1. <div>
  2. <% if $ShowSection %>
  3. <div>Stuff goes here</div>
  4. <% end_if %>
  5. </div>
Jerome Camacho

how about the html tags this can be render too in controller and if i call the variable in template, this can be output correctly ?


personally i’d do that check in the controller rather than the template. separation of concerns.

Jerome Camacho

how to check if the string have 2 words in template(.ss) file


whats the php code to get the site base link. not page, entire site


in SS4 all those chineese locales should be available. If you have a dropdown somewhere, I'd filter this by allowed locales.