Even if you're going headless, SilverStripe still needs to consume templates. Have you tried a "templates" dir, under your "app" dir? This is the usual spot where framework-specific templates are overridden


I'm going to go for setting up an empty(ish) theme & run it from there. Seems convoluted, but if it works, it works.


We're running a headless CMS with no theme & I'm trying to work out the correct directory to put the HTAccess template. Any suggestions?


I'm looking at @dorsetdigital's solution to CORS issues in assets:

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Cross Origin headers for assets

The htaccess does get rebuilt on every build, but it’s built from a template you can override. That way you can still make changes to the way it works. The core template file can be found at: /vendor/silverstripe/assets/templates/SilverStripe/Assets/Flysystem/ You can put a copy of this in your own templates directory, using the same path and make any changes you like. ie (templates/SilverStripe/Assets/Flysystem/ Don’t forget to r...

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or you could have a new object all together, not saying one way is better or not.


Perhaps you could add more fields to the SiteConfig for this purpose, but display via a custom interface, similar to how page settings controller does it.


@Admonish for the record, the way pages do it is present a whole new controller (and form on it) to the user, but it edits the same data object. a method on ModelAdmin is good, as model admin is a controller - this new method would need to be an action (accessable by web request).


Has anyone experienced getting gateway timeouts when trying to view versions with fluent module?