Have you published the GTM workspace? The script is all in the page, as you say... which would suggest that GTM isn't trying to load anything


Is there a reason you have tag manager and analytics code in there?


do you have access to the server, and are you using composer? composer show should give you a list of modules if so - or it should say in the composer.json

Jordan Cecile

I am honestly not sure. Is there a way for me to see that?

Jordan Cecile

Hello, I haven't used Silverstripe before and have a client using the platform and I'm having an issue implementing Google Tag Manager. We added the GTM ID in the backend and we're seeing it in the source code, but none of the tags are showing when I run the preview tool or with the Google Tag Assistant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is their URL:

dorsetdigital <--- it's there, in case anyone reading this needs them 🙂

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