You need to flush the cache, that may have been your problem 🙂

Ignore my last comment, setting just took time to take effect.

I've just started fiddling with staticpublish. I had it sort of working but now it seems to not create the cache anymore. If i run StaticCacheFullBuildTask and then theProcessJobQueueTask. I get a cache folder appear in public but its empty. Job list says the job was completed so all seems to be "working"

As a follow up to this, in atom I very breifly see a bunch of files appear, and then disappear in the cache folder...

What I have found is that in StaticCacheFullBuildJob publishedURL's on Windows come back looking like /. i have changed FileSystemPublisher->PathToURL to use $relativeURL=ltrim($relativeURL,DIRECTORYSEPERATOR) and that seems to not delete the cache as soon as its created. I'm still having issues where the cache is writing to public/cache/index.php but trying to read from public/cache/our-site-name/index.php. I'm not sure whether its a Windows env thing on that end too or something different.

Hi Guys, How can I get SS to stop adding the page url to a HREF? eg href="#tabs-1-1" becomes href="/#tabs-1-1". I have already tried adding rewrite_hash_links: false to my app.yml

yup, if I have a block with more lines and one empty line I get this as "empty line comment" when I want to comment out the whole block in my template... Looks like a bug to me

I guess that's created automatically with PHPStorm's "comment line" shortcut?