Hey guys, Im trying to publish a page with

  1. $target->doPublish()
. This works. However in the CMS it still has the "draft" icon on it (On the SiteTree). The save buttons are as they should be. Is this a bug?


It works better than using the ini if you're not hosting on their platform.

Files: Requires logging in with Slack to view/download
Default TB env settings

TwistedBytes is a full blown, so nothing needed but the docroot for your project. To change configs, just go into private/config and update the files you want. Changes are applied to the machine within a couple of seconds


I'll give this a go Ideally there'd just be a config that I press a button and then I have a base install instantly.

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Twisted Bytes  
PHP Vagrant box

At Twisted Bytes we talk a lot about making live easier for developers. We do that by creating excellent servers that do what they should do without so developers can keep focused on the code. But code needs to be programmed. And that is done with a local development environment like a LAMP-stack or a Vagrant box. With this blog we make our Vagrant box public.

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