seems like more people here than in #frontend, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Terry Apodaca

I've got a JavaScript this an ok place to ask?


IntelliJ and PHPStorm both support Emmet out of the box (I think - I don’t think I had to install a plugin for that)

there is also a nice plugin for Silverstripe templating, which is super handy


haven’t used Emmet with VSCode, but I have used it in IntelliJ and PHPStorm

those are both (not exactly cheap) paid options, though

Karina Gaulin

Do any of you use emmet? I found an extension for VScode for silverstripe with something to put into settings to make emmet work but it's not working. Is there maybe a better code editor that works well with silverstripe and emmet?


Those are my least favorite clients. I feel like I spend more time deploying than I do writing code lol


Just for context, the site I'm working on at the moment is deployed via FTP 📁