I've never had any issue with it. Worked out of the box using SASS

@nickspiel: I never used an SVG sprite in the front-end, but have used this module on a couple of projects and it worked quite well: https://github.com/stevie-mayhew/silverstripe-svg

yeah I saw that, added my votes. I am going to explore what it takes to remove the base tag.

@nickspiel: that’s bad… I was considering using a webpack package for svg sprites, but didn’t think of that limitation… There is a request here to get rid of that base tag: https://silverstripe.uservoice.com/forums/251266-new-features/suggestions/9270516-stop-using-the-base-tag - maybe you could raise your voice there?

to explain a little more clearly, the svg elements like this <svg class="icon arrow"><use xlink:href="#arrow"></svg> render blank when either not on the home or a query sting is present

it appears the base tag is conflicting with the svg sprite