That would be possible with a rewrite of your root folder, but I assume that's not what you're after?

hey everyone. Is it possible to set up a URL to point directly to a subfolder of an SS site? IE: goes to a subfolder in a SS site tree /mysite/asubfolder/thissite/?

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So I'm looking inside the .htaccess file now, and that line isn't there.

AH! The file is in there. It's in the framework folder.

if that exists, then I would open your .htaccess file and remove the RewriteBase / line

in SS3 you should have a framework folder and main.php inside that

Interesting... Okay, so I edited my env variables location to the 5.6.31 folder, closed and re-opened my cmd and ran php -v. This time proper php version showing. I ran the composer install in the folder and it completed this time. I stopped and restarted the WAMP server and tried to load the project in my localhost again, but same error... main.php missing.