James Gardiner

Hello, I'm in the process of evaluating SilverStripe and I'd really like to use it as a replacement for Wordpress on a site I develop, but I'm not sure it will support what I need. Is it possible to, reliably, configure it to support a multi-site, multi-domain, multilingual structure, similar to the following:

http://company.com - Global site (English only) • http://company.com/uk/ - UK site (English only) • http://company.com/ch/fr/ - Switzerland site (French) • http://company.com/ch/de/ - Switzerland site (German) • http://alsocompany.pl/pl/ - Poland site (Polish) • http://alsocompany.pl/en/ - Poland site (English)

Ideally, I would also be able to restrict users to only being able to manage an individual country, but I could possibly live without this.

If so, is there any documentation (other than the multilingual support docs which I've read) or examples to which you could point me?


Yeah, we usually use the configurable paginator too because clients tend to find that easier


It would be nice if it was more straight forward


You have to hover over the “next page” arrow and drop it there