Ok, so I think the trick was in GridField source. I populated it wrong and it should be exactly the relation name like $this->owner->MyManyMany(), my bad.

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Hmm any experience with having a SiteConfig with many_many/has_many and managing it through a GridField? Because it is somehow failing to assign a DataObject to its SiteConfig after creating one.. SiteConfigID is 0 or many_many is not created.


I came up with a hack so when Director::is_cli() you allow publishing. Thanks for checking @MichalKleiner


You need to log in a user under which you wanna publish the page @priyashantha. Check some framework unit tests how that is done.

John A.

Hi there, I'm working with the silverstripe-s3 plugin and I've applied a policy that means that public files are accessible and protected ones are as per this document https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-s3. So far so good, however when I publish an image it is sometimes referencing the protected image, and sometimes not on refresh. Has anyone come across this issue before?

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SilverStripe module to store assets in S3 rather than on the local filesystem (SS4 only)

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Hi Guys,

I'm having an issue with page publishing via a unix cron. SiteTree::doPublish() checks for publish permission. On live mode it fails. Anything we can do so cron can publish a page please? this in ss3



It, funnily enough, seems to include common Google results from children though...


Yah, these schools don't "cache the entire internetz", but only cache what they immediately need locally, because the other option is a latency connection that'll probably time-out, for things they need on a regular basis


@Firesphere Ahh I see, it’s not so bad if it’s just teaching materials I suppose..