It would be unique. Also, please don't at people specifically, it kills the conversation 😉


how do you list all the items that need to be republished, or in particular, store item references that need to be published, build the database, then ensure items that need to be published are indeed published? Any chance you could share a publisher task you've written?


@Firesphere is it something that can be reused, or something that you'd write uniquely for a given site?


Most commonly, I write a publisher task that'll publish all the items again


How do you guys deal with versioned objects during a ss4 upgrade? I've found they switch state from published to either draft or archived and the most reliable method I've found so far is manually republishing everything. Do you have any ideas on dealing with versioned objects during an upgrade?


Heya, On 4.2 after a 3.6 migration, does anyone had the case where in the CMS, all URLSegment double up the parent like : /volunteering/our-volunteers/volunteering/our-volunteers/families-of-volunteers should be /volunteering/our-volunteers/families-of-volunteers ? Cheers

wmk might be a way to solve this issues

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it looks a lot like it requires it to be done manually at the moment