Hey, I'm having an issue where adding After: #adminroutes in a custom routes.yml file is breaking the asset-admin module with errors: GET http://localhost:8080/admin/graphql/types 404 (Not Found) and GET http://localhost:8080/assets/admin.types.graphql 404 (Not Found). Removing #adminroutes fixes the error but breaks all admin routes because I'm overriding the base route (ie: '': 'My\Custom\Controller) -- framework v4.4.4


We used populate and it’s good. One caveat is that it doesn’t do partial data merges, i.e. if you populate some fields manually, it overrides them. Could be a nice addition to the module to check for data in fields and define a resolution strategy (keep, override, skip etc)


@guci0 there’s a couple modules to populate default data i.e

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Populate your database through YAML files. Contribute to dnadesign/silverstripe-populate development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Hello, is possible to force "pre-defined default data for your project" _config/default-records.yml after first build?


They'd usually only show up when something is changed (eg. objects or page classes are added)


Why do you want them gone?

Bart van Irsel

Thanks, If nothing changed in the dataobject, is there a reason they keep appearing on every load of dev build ?