don’t touch a project for 9 months and bam, dependency hell


Hey people, still messing with my contact form. Can anybody say why the code in this tutorial WON’T submit (when pasted verbatim)?? https://docs.silverstripe.org/en/4/developer_guides/forms/how_tos/simple_contact_form/

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Simple contact form

Developer and user documentation for the Silverstripe CMS and framework.

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Plan B is to use a middleware to find and replace aws s3 domain to the cloudfront if there's no config available.


quick help: How do I change the aws url in SilverStripe S3 to a cloudfront url ?


Have a look to see if this works? https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-s3/issues/25

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Support for having a CloudFront distribution that has a s3 bucket for assets behind the distribution and only requests for public assets and can only be accessed from CloudFront, i.e. https://some-domain.com/assets/|https://some-domain.com/assets/

At the moment public the URL returned is always https://<AWS_BUCKET_NAME>.s3.<AWS_REGION>..http://amazonaws.com/xxxxx|amazonaws.com/xxxxx

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I did a module that does a simple replace string... @dorsetdigital did the SS4 version of it: https://packagist.org/packages/dorsetdigital/silverstripe-cdnrewrite

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dorsetdigital/silverstripe-cdnrewrite - Packagist

Automatically rewrites the URLs of media and assets to use a CDN

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Yes, I tried setting the base_url but nothing happens


ended up using a middleware to find and replace

Trucker Blake

Hello, what is the best way to filter a data object in a model admin? Thanks


is there a way to get the midpoint of of a loop