using the null approach is fiddly when updating arrays. You basically have to unset it all, then re-set all the options.

You could also use injector to disallow zip files on every instance of uploadfield (as opposed to the global whitelist).


@Bryn Heveldt you can set it to null in the config, which will unset it. Alternatively you could use a _config.php file to update it programmatically.

Bryn Heveldt

Is there a way to disallow file extensions globally e.g: .zip ? I know you can use allowed_extensions: to add file extensions to the list, but how do I remove .zip from the default list I can see in /vendor/silverstripe/assets/src/File.php , SS4.1 btw. There must be a simple yml config way to do this?


I think it's on a couple of AWS regions, so it might be there is an issue with one location


hm. sometimes semi loads... sometimes 404's