Thanks for the reply dear. I just know the silverstripe CMS, putting content there, but not the coding part. Can you please tell write where?


@harpreet it is possible, nearly anything is :) But, I'm afraid it is a migration you'd have to write.


Hi there, I have one query if you can please help. I need to create webforms using SilverStripe CMS and then migrate the data from web forms to another project management system. Is the migration possible using CMS? if yes then can you please give me some guidance how?


See https://github.com/tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent/blob/master/docs/en/dataobjects.md#extensions and the other flunt docs

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# Using DataObjects with Fluent

## CMS Fields

With each of the possible extensions that come with Fluent, it's necessary to configure your DataObjects to
correctly delegate your `$fields` to extensions. A different approach may be needed for each DataObject, depending
on how it generates it's fields.

In all cases, it is necessary to ensure that the `updateCMSFields` extension method is called once (and
only once) on each `FieldList` object.

### Default field scaffolder

If using a default field scaffolder (such as `SiteTree::getCMSFields` or `DataObject::getCMSFields`)
it is necessary to know that these methods both, by default, will call the
`extend('updateCMSFields', $fields)` extension before returning.

If you wish to add any translated form fields to the result of this call, then you should use `beforeUpdateCMSFields`


class MyPage extends SiteTree
    public function getCMSFields()
        // Adding the Description field early will allow FluentField to decorate this with the appropriate
        // CSS classes.
        $this->beforeUpdateCMSFields(function($fields) {
            $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', new TextField('Description'));

        // The result of this call will have had beforeUpdateCMSFields then updateCMSFields called on it
        $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
        $fields->removeByName('Content', true);
        return $fields;

Explicit field generation

If explicitly generating your FieldList, simply make sure to call the appropriate extension hook prior to returning.

class MyObject extends DataObject
    public function getCMSFields()
        // Note the absence of any parent::getCMSFields
        $fields = new FieldList(
            new TextField('Title', 'Title', null, 255),
            new TextareaField('Description')

        // This line is necessary, and only AFTER you have added your fields
        $this->extend('updateCMSFields', $fields);
        return $fields;


As mentioned in the CMS Fields heading, it is necessary to ensure that the updateCMSFields extension method is called once (and only once) on each FieldList object. Fields added by other extensions will not have the necessary decorations applied to it by the FluentExtension, unless it happens to be applied before FluentExtension. Since extension order cannot be guaranteed, this poses a problem.

You can circumvent this issue by extending FluentExtension from your custom extension and then calling parent::updateCMSFields($fields) at the end of your method. This way it is actually one call to updateCMSFields using inheritance rather than two different extensions:

use TractorCow\Fluent\Extension\FluentExtension;

class PlayerExtension extends FluentExtension
    public function updateCMSFields(FieldList $fields)

Versioned extension

Important: If you're applying the FluentVersionedExtension to a versioned DataObject, you will need to ensure that it is applied after the Versioned extension. You can control this with an after: '#versionedfiles' rule in your YAML title block. An example configuration block might look like this:

Name: mysitefluent
After: '#versionedfiles'
    - TractorCow\Fluent\Extension\FluentVersionedExtension
    - Title
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Jeroen Pielage

Ah I see. That could be the problem then. I'll dive into that then.

Jeroen Pielage

No, it is basically going back and forth. so adjusting in english it also will adjust in dutch and vice versa. I recently figured ut when I translate the field from yml it will translate correctly.


Fluent can only add the badge to the fields that are already existing in the current FieldList. So if MetaTitle field is added to the FieldList after Fluent ran through, it cannot process it. You need to take care of the before/after priorities in your yml config then.