The mnemonic for ANSI standard and quotes is: > Double for Data, Single for Strings


omit GLOBAL if you want it just for your session.


@Ben this is because Silverstripe uses ANSI standard SQL data delimiters. MySQL is non-compliant by default, using backticks instead.

  1. SET GLOBAL sql_mode = 'ANSI';

Is the command that will see copy paste Silverstripe queries work (provided they're not parameterised, which they nearly all are).


@nightjarnz this sounds like an interesting topic for a blog post


@wmk @dorsetdigital @andante Thanks for the advice, the sql looks fine but doesn't work when I run it using sequel pro, but when I replace all the double quotes with a backtick it works fine. I'm gonna try just running the query rather than using filter() and see if that works properly.

I'm also wondering if it might have something to do with php versions. On my local environment it's running 5.6 (and it appears to work, although I haven't done a thorough test), which is what the server should be running, but the server is actually running php 5.


hello everyone! I'm Othmane and since recently diving into the SilverStripe world

i'm upgrading a website from SS3 to SS4 the SS3 site, has been using Fluent 3.x with SS4 Fluent 4.x is being used

I can't find a way for having the localized data imported/migrated into SS4 from SS3

is this expected? to migrate them manually/with a custom script?

i see that there is a task for importing data from Translatable 3 into Fluent 4 but can't find a way for migrating data from Fluent 3.x -> Fluent 4.x

if someone can point me to where to look i'd be very grateful thank you!!

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