Every other default was working as expected


Well, update. It was as simple as setting SS_TRUSTED_PROXY_IPS to *


Hi Everyone. I am trying to filter a view on multiple different select fields and busy looking for a library to take care of most of the logic. has anyone got an preference? Edit: Found something that works quite nice. https://codepen.io/VisualHarmony/pen/GBqQYp


Yep, that’s the template it’s using. How can I make the rest of the site ‘behave’? Need to dropdown second level nav on all pages, not just one! 😁


@firesphere and @MichalKleiner --how can I tell if homepage ‘actually matches the classname’? It looks like HomePage is supposed to??

Strange thing is that http://HomePage.ss is doing all the stuff it’s supposed to. It’s every other page that isn’t!!


^ good one — homepage is not created as type homepage in a blank cms, it just has the home slug, but type ‘Page’


Is your homepage actually matching the classname? Is it really the homepage?