The first paragraph uses p tags to filter, so it makes sense


Just checked it again; $Content.FirstParagraph returns both the <h2> content and runs straight on into the first paragraph! (I only want the <h2>!!)


Hi people, got a small problem here; I’ve got a ProductHolder page type that looks through and displays the first paragraph of the child Product pages. However the client want’s to show the <h2> subhead information on these pages. I’ve changed $Content.FirstParagraph to $Content.h2 thinking this would sort things but I’m obviously using the wrong syntax because I’m getting nothing…


Hi Everyone I got a small problem that I am struggeling to get my head aroun. I have a multi dimensional array that I need to display. So currently I have it in a ArrayData but now with one of the things I need to display I need to get some magic to include it. Anyone know of a good solution that I can use?


Are you passing the ArrayData to renderWith so that the variables are available in your templates?


No I am returning the variables so I can loop through it in PHP forms


definitely do share any findings or hints of solutions.. might be interesting what you end up with

Justin White

well if uploading csv’s are complicated then well…