Been a while since I’ve looked at this code, but from memory, the filtering inputs are a service, so it should be easy to plug into a nested query. I’ll look at it today and post something here.

Nemanja Karadzic

anyway, is it possible, via yaml only, to serve output of a method as a field in query?


@unclecheese So it is not possible to created a filter for a nested query like there is in the docs example? (for example Categories__Title__in )


@unclecheese tried my first gatsby build, but I get this error: > WebpackError: Called getHierarchy before initHierarchy(). Are you using this function outside of the useSilverstripe() hook? triggered by MainNav.getMenu()


Yeah, nested queries are a bit second class citizens at the moment. You might have to do this as a separate top-level query with filters for the primary key

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