If I want to move my blog to a static site, say gatsby, how can/should I add e.g. comments to SilverStripe? Anyone solved this already?


though we use this and it seems to work fine

  1. SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\Handler:
  2. authenticators:
  3. - class: SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\MemberAuthenticator
  4. priority: 10

does your class meet the req’s from the docs?

> Authenticator classes will need to implement the SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\AuthenticatorInterface > interface, which requires you to define an authenticate method to return a Member, or false, and > and isApplicable method which tells the Handler whether or not this authentication method > is applicable in the current request context (provided as an argument).

Nemanja Karadzic

now I have another issue... I have

  1. ---
  2. Name: myauth
  3. ---
  4. SilverStripe\GraphQL\Auth\Handler:
  5. authenticators:
  6. - class: MyApp\Authenticator\JWTAuthenticator
  7. priority: 1

in yaml config, flushed and all... but it doesn't enter authenticatemethod... what did I do wrong?

Nemanja Karadzic

I'm piling them up, and will open in the end of the day 🙂


I’m not sure… as far as I’m aware, admin uses /admin/graphql, not /graphql


@Nemanja Karadzic Looks like the endpoint is specifically marked as being part of the CMS: https://github.com/tractorcow-farm/silverstripe-fluent/blob/98f09213eeeac3fc11663037e402ebbd007928a1/src/Middleware/InitStateMiddleware.php#L23-L32

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