now it fetches, but it breaks on Blog module, cause this has a relation to Member:

> warn Could not find related record for MANY_MANY relation "Authors" > on SilverStripeDataObject (SilverStripeSecurityMember, 1)


hmm, >Fetching 0 records across 0 dataobjects...


Now I'm stuck on

> Unknown field 'parentUUID' on type 'SilverStripeDataObject'. SS4.4.4 / silverstripe-graphql 3.1.4


weird, the gatsby-source-silverstripe isn't installable with gatsby 2.17; had to require gatsby2.16

> error An unexpected error occurred: "could not find a copy of gatsby to link in D:\Users\<foo>\Documents\dev\<project>\site\docroot\gatsby\node_modules\gatsby-source-silverstripe\node_modules". is what I got before. Did I do anything wrong or are the module's settings a bit weird?


I’ve used Formik forms + Apollo in Gatsby to great effect. You could also support more fields by stringifying your form data and decoding in SS via something like this

  1. mutation updateUserForm($id: Int!, $data: String) {
  2. updateUserForm(id: $id, data: $data) {
  3. successMessage
  4. }
  5. }
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  1. mutation {
  2. createComment(Input: { Comment: "foo", Email: "<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>", BlogEntryID: 5 }) {
  3. isSpam
  4. successMessage
  5. }
  6. }

ok. Render Form UI and send to REST instead?


Creating mutations and input types for forms is still a todo