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d2therivers I'd like to show my TempPage depending on a StartDate and EndDate.

I manage this with function canView.

"return false" in the last if-Statement gets me to my LoginPage.

Controller::curr()->redirect(Director::baseURL()) results in an endless loop.

Whats the right syntax to redirect to Homepage (home) without ending in a loop?

class TempPage extends Page {

public function canView($Member = null){ $now =...

adrexia I've added an extra button to the TinyMCE editor that simply puts this into the body:

Hello world

When I click on the end of Hello world and press return it duplicates the whole div, inside the div.

Hello worldHello world


By configuring these two options below, the custom element is not duplicated anymore, but now the issue arises that you need to press shift + enter to jump out of any element (h1, address, p...

Firesphere I have swipestripe working ok, and would like to enable creditcard payment (via paypal). I have installed paymant-paypal module, but am unable to get it to work. After clicking Proceed to Pay on checkout page, I don't get redirected to Paypal site (where I believe should be able to choose from various credit cards), but after few seconds I get redirected to my site with payment status=failure. In db table Payment_Error, the error...

Firesphere I'm trying to set a entwine hook to the save button inside a gridfield edit form so that right before saving, a JS function is executed.

I've tried the code below without success

$('button[type="submit"]').entwine({ onclick: myFunction });